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Tourism Exchange Australia

Tourism Exchange Australia (TXA) creates new business opportunities for ATDW distributors. Together with publishing ATDW’s rich content, distributors also have the option to extend their online offering by enabling online bookings across a selection of products.

In short, TXA is an inclusive booking exchange combining ATDW’s rich content with live rates and availability, delivering a secure payment process with instant booking confirmations.

Over 4,500 of ATDW’s listings are bookable through the TXA platform across 4 categories of Accommodation, Attractions, Events and Tour listings.

TXA Distributor Benefits

Potential to generate additional revenue

Enhanced consumer experience by facilitating end-to-end transactions

Consumers can “look” to “book” in a seamless process

Includes tours, attractions and events, not just accommodation

Ability to set T’s & C’s and commissions. (Operators option to accept or decline offer)

Commissions automatically deposited into nominated bank account

17 Connected Booking Systems

For more information on TXA connected reservation systems please contact V3 Leisure www.v3leisure.com

  • Frontdesk
  • Jewel Reservation System (JRS) / CustomLinc
  • Micros Fidelio Australia / Micros Opera
  • ResOnline
  • Respax
  • RMS
  • Room Master
  • SeaLink Travel Group
  • SiteMinder
  • TicketSwitch / Enta
  • TravelPoint Holidays – An AOT Group Company
  • Rezobx
  • Update 247
  • Seekom/iBex
  • Booking Boss
  • DigitalRez/RezExpert
  • Bookeo

How to connect with TXA in 3 easy steps:

1. Choose the integration option

There are several technical integration options available to suit most distributors when connecting to TXA, including:

  • eXchange Toolkit– Free option to integrate with standard booking buttons and standard booking pages.
  • eXchange API– Free option for search API that allows multiple points of bookings through multiple res systems. Allows for branding and customisation. There is also a ‘Booking API’ which runs off an XML web service that has an upfront certification fee and a yearly maintenance fee.
  • Booking Centre– Allows staff and volunteers to search and book across a range of Providers on behalf of their customers.
  • Launchpad– A simple interface that can be used by staff/volunteers or customers of a Visitor Information Centre to search across a range of Providers in their Region. It can be accessed via any internet connection, including Apple iPad.
  • Connection Services– for Bookeasy and JIBS only.

2. Complete the Application Form 

Complete the TXA Distributor application form on V3’s website.

3. Contact V3

Once the application form has been submitted, please contact V3’s Stephen Wells to discuss commission levels and commercial arrangements. Please visit V3’s website for more information www.v3leisure.com