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Marketing Kit

Guidelines for Distributors

As a licenced distributor of the ATDW, distributors can take advantage of their status and utilise the ATDW branding within the limits of our marketing guidelines.

Distributor badge


Logo Linking

Licensed distributors of Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) are encouraged to link to the ATDW web site through the display of a clickable ATDW Licensed Distributor Logo (or emblem) via their digital channel.


Communication To Operators

In addition, Distributors can reach out to communicate with our ATDW listed tourism operators.  However, it is important to take into account the processes and protocols that a distributor must use if they would like to send a communiqué to operators who are listed on the ATDW database.

A distributor will need to contact and advise ATDW at least 14 days before, if they wish to communicate with one or multiple operators in the National ATDW database, together with a copy of their intended communications and wait to gain approval prior to sending the communique’ out.

For distributors who are interested in communicating with the ATDW tourism operator database, please read our Distributor Marketing Information Kit before contacting our Distribution Team at

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