Front view of Government House with flag pole and frangipani tree in the foreground

Government House, Darwin

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Darwin, Northern Territory

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29 The Esplanade, Darwin,
Northern Territory

Government House was the first ‘grand’ public building constructed in Darwin after white settlement in 1869 and is symbolic of the NT’s constitutional development. Originally known as ‘the Residency’, the House’s drawing room was constructed from 1870 and is the oldest surviving continuously occupied built structural element in the NT. It demonstrates construction techniques adapted to the Darwin environment. The scale and design reinforce the importance of the office of Government Resident or Administrator. The 1879 J.G. Knight and G.R. McMinn stone building, incorporating the circa 1938 verandah, represents the varied architectural influences that have characterized the NT from its inception. The Government House verandah served as the earliest ‘court room’ in Darwin. The building has associations with many significant events (e.g. cyclones, the ‘Darwin Rebellion’, World War II, the Petrov Affair, constitutional milestones, etc.) in the history of the NT. It has close associations with many individuals who have made notable contributions to NT history and with dignitaries whose visits to the House were historic. The Government House garden, including such structural features as driveways and remnants of pathways, contains evidence of past patterns of landscape development in the Darwin environment, including lack of reticulation. ...

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Government House, Darwin
1873 - Government House, Port Darwin
1900 - Government House, Darwin
1905 - Chinese delegation with Vice-Regal group, Government House
Coronation Day, 1911 - Government House, Darwin
1912 - Garden party for federal parliamentary visit
1950s - Dusya and Vladimir Petrov