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Cairns, Queensland

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Ribbon Reef,

Lighthouse Bommie is a giant tower of coral that rises from the sea floor at 25 metres and stands 20 metres tall. Located on the Ribbon Reefs, north of Cairns, this impressive pinnacle is visited each week by liveaboard dive boats. The bommie is fascinating to explore as it is decorated with pretty corals and home to a great variety of invertebrate species. But like many spots on the Ribbon Reefs most divers will be spellbound by the fish life that swirls around the bommie. Massive schools of snapper swarm at the base of Lighthouse Bommie, while the top is usually engulfed in a whirlpool of trevally. But divers are also likely to see reef sharks, turtles, barracuda, sea snakes, lionfish, mackerel and even the odd dwarf minke whale over the winter months....

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  • QLD - Tourism Tropical North Qld

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Lighthouse Bommie
Lighthouse Bommie
Lighthouse Bommie