Mungo lookout

Mungo lookout

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Mungo, New South Wales

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Mungo Self-guided Drive,
New South Wales

Can you imagine what life was like when there were towering kangaroos and birds with legs like a horse? At Mungo lookout in Mungo National Park, you can gaze across the ice age lake bed that has uncovered bones of the original megafauna. Gaze across at the iconic ‘Walls of China’ formation, sculpted over thousands of years, by wind and rain. This erosion has also uncovered artefacts of the Ngyiampaa, Mutthi Muhhti, and Paakantyi Aboriginal People, dating back over 40,000 years. It’s an awesome and humbling vision at any time of day, especially dusk. For more information be sure to stop into Mungo Visitor Centre. Combine this scenic lookout with accessible Grassland Nature stroll for an overview of the more recent plants and animals of the region. When thoughts turn to lunch, top it off with a tasty picnic at nearby Main campground....

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