Atlas Version 2 - Coral


The ATLAS web service (Australian Tourism Location Aware Search) is ATDW’s latest web service that provides a highly flexible geospatial interface for searching ATDW products in an efficient manner for REALTIME distribution.

The new ATLAS web service, is a very light integration, offering enhanced performance through speed and richer functionality, providing real-time distributors with detailed searching and advanced filtering.  With full text search, word stemming and a RESTful interface to allow for easy integration, the new web service will provide distributors with full control over the publishing of the ATDW dataset.

Location searching can be performed through providing a geo-location and a radius thus creating a search polygon and showcasing only those tourism products within it. Or distributors can simply query for a particular state, area, region or city to bring back your desired result set.

ATLAS features and functionality include:

Real-time queries

Chinese / Full-text & Geospacial search functions

Word Stemming

Advanced Filtering

RESTful interface for easy integration

XML and JSON support

ATLAS2Technical Information

For detailed technical information about the Australian Tourism Location Aware Search (ATLAS) please view the comprehensive online API Guide here. This web service is one of ATDW’s latest product offerings and is better suited for real time integration where ATDW content is updated instantaneously via your digital channel upon a consumer’s request. It’s fast, flexible and geospatially equipped.

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