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The ATDW is Australia’s national tourism database and distribution platform which represents over 40,000 small and medium sized tourism products and destinations.   The ATDW’s ultimate function is to support the Australian Tourism Operators with digital marketing to help extend their exposure and attract more business online.

By listing a product once in the ATDW database, Tourism Operators benefit from being listed on their State or Territory Tourism Organisation’s (STO) consumer website, the website and through ATDW’s extensive network of over 150 tourism distributors.  This rich content solution submits to high standards, defined and quality assured by all state and territory government tourism organisations on a daily basis.

 Benefits of Listing with ATDW

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Massive Exposure

  • Appear on numerous Distributor Websites
  • Your listing is seen by 1000’s of potential customers
  • Eg, &  STO Websites
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Quality Data

  • Trusted
  • Meets National Standards
  • Automatic & instant updates across all sites
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Saves Time

  • Register only once
  • Fast response times and Instant password resets
  • Mobile Compatible
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Quick and Easy

  • Intuitive, User friendly & easy to navigate
  • Update your listing at any time
  • Control your information
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Market Analysis

  • Analytics dashboard with comprehensive statistics & graphs
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Cost Effective

  • Subsidised by your STO

 How to list with ATDW

Log-in to ATDW-Online

To list a tourism product in ATDW or update an existing listing, access the ATDW-Online portal.

Registration and approval of your ATDW listing is managed through your State or Territory Tourism Organisation (STO). Each STO has a dedicated ATDW team, who are also responsible for collecting ATDW listings, quality assuring and managing this content in the national ATDW database.

Tourism Operators will need to fill in their email address in the Username field, then click on the “Forgot your password link” to reset their password for the first time.  Please remember that this is a live platform, so all updates made will be displayed across the distribution network.


Information required to register:

  • Your Organisation details (including business name, contact details and ABN)
  • Your User account details (including name, email and password)
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Content Flow of your Product Listing

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Increase your online exposure and digital distribution by listing your tourism product in the ATDW-Online Platform

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Update and Improve Your Listing

For tips on how to improve or optimise your ATDW listing and stand out from the crowd go to:

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