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Digital Spectrum Newsletter, Quarter 2, 2018

Well it’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of the Financial Year!

ATDW is breaking records every day as we grow our operations to sizes never reached before. In the last 12 months our distributor numbers have grown by 25% (that’s 2 years in a row) breaking through the 250 mark a few weeks ago. We are also very close to finalising arrangements to secure one of Australia’s most iconic brands as a distributor – watch this space.

We are also breaking records with our listing numbers. Our strategic plan has been based around capturing a higher percentage of the tourism market and creating a broader library of operator listings. We expect in the next couple of months to see our current numbers increase by more than 20,000. Although we are expecting rapid growth we are also focussed on maintaining our quality standards – it is this that makes our system the world leader in the tourism industry.

Our aim is to ensure that ATDW continues to provide a valuable and relevant service that assists the tourism industry to grow.   ATDW-Online continues to evolve and will do so as technology and the wants and needs of the tourism industry change

I hope you enjoy this edition of Digital Spectrum.