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Adelaide Central YHA says its so important to be listed with the ATDW!

Adelaide Central YHA forms part of a group of over 50 YHA properties who have been listed with the ATDW for at least eight years.

Adelaide Central YHA is a great example of a good listing.  With a well written description and several large, clear images – this property is sure to stand out from its competitors.   They have made the most of their listing, by supplying information under each heading and providing details and images of each room type that they offer!

Di Caught, Marketing Manager for Southern Region | YHA Australia who manages several ATDW listings for their brand says that she finds it very easy to navigate the new ATDW-Online platform: “It’s much cleaner and very easy to update and make changes to our listings.  I was also not aware that the new system now allows us to easily switch between properties and listings that I manage without having to log-in again! That’s a great new feature!”

According to Di, “It’s so important to be listed with the ATDW as it gives us the opportunity to be seen on websites that only display ATDW listings like Tourism Australia and our State Tourism Organisation (STO) consumer sites.  It can also give you the chance to be included in STO promotions and campaigns… for us that’s a big drawcard!”

“To give you an idea, the handy analytics dashboard on the ATDW platform reported that we received 147 additional links to our webpage from the start of the year to end May, which we would not otherwise have received.”

I would strongly recommend that any Australian property or operator be listed with the ATDW!