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Oaks Hotels & Resorts draw ATDW content to display Localised Events

Oaks Hotels & Resorts (under the Minor Hotel Group and with 50 plus hotels across Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and India) have been a licenced Distributor of ATDW’s digital travel content since 2016, displaying localised event listings.

Oaks saw an opportunity to easily provide their guests, who are looking for a place to stay, with extra options for things to see and do, which is why tapping into ATDW’s quality events listing was an important addition to their overall digital content strategy.

Interestingly, Oaks Hotel & Resorts are not only a distributor of ATDW, but are also a contributor of their accommodation and hospitality products where they add their business listings to the ATDW database of approximately 40,000 listings across Australia (and conversely receive content that they wish to publish on their own website).

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James Bealey (Digital Marketing Manager at Oaks Hotels & Resort) said: “We’ve been really happy with how the ATDW events have fitted in seamlessly into our hotel listings pages.

“It’s purely geographic in the way it has been integrated. For each of our hotel pages, 3 events from ATDW are randomly selected that are within a close proximity to the hotel that they are looking at. By receiving the events feed from ATDW, it really alleviates our team to not have to curate, check and populate this section manually ourselves.”

One of the key features of ATDW’s API is that it provides the ability for distributors to conduct targeted proximity searches in the database and retrieve the results they require. In Oaks’ case, setting the proximity search at a 5km radius from the physical location of their own hotels provides relevant and accessible points of interest such as events. Since going live in November 2016, they have become one of the largest distributors in the network in relation to page view traffic.

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For more information on how to become a licensed distributor of ATDW, please visit www.atdw-online.com.au or email distribution@atdw.com.au