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Optimise your ATDW Listing with an effective Description!

A well-crafted ATDW listing, with a professional, well written description, great photos and video, can allow you to stand out from the crowd and attract many more customers for your business.

Your description should engage the consumer, captivate them and make them want to experience your product and ultimately book!  You need to give them a reason to stop their search at you. Having said that, and as simple as it sounds, it’s not always easy to write a killer description!

Here are a few helpful tips to get you started:

  1. Rather than merely writing up a list of the features or facilities that you offer, you should focus on the benefits you can offer your customers. Eg. Tour with commentary… rather say “you can hear all about the area from a local who’s lived there all their life.”
  2. Effective promotional messages all contain the following elements; Where, What, Who, How and Why. The listing description is your chance to tell your customers a little of the WHAT and a lot of the WHY. Knowing and promoting your benefits will help you attract more customers.
  3. Once you’ve identified your benefits, ask yourself which ones are unique to your business. That special difference is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). It’s important to include your USP towards the beginning of your listing so potential customers can immediately differentiate you from your competitors.
  4. If you’re still not sure about your USP, get some inspiration by asking a contented guest or looking at your positive reviews on TripAdvisor ( Go and experience what your competition offers. At the very least, check out their website or their TripAdvisor review and look for what you offer that others don’t. Some examples might be; home-made biscuits and fresh flowers, commentaries in multiple languages or specialist guides.
  5. In today’s busy world people want access to the most important information ‘now’. Your first sentence should mention your business or event name to help with search engine optimisation. It also needs to include your unique selling proposition. Include your other benefits at the very top of your listing so they don’t get missed by someone too busy to read to the bottom.
  6. Short sentences are the easiest and quickest to read online. It’s that simple. Make sure you only include one key message/benefit per sentence. Limit your sentences to 10 words or less. You’ll improve your online promotion by giving your customers quick access to your best points.
  7. The description section you’ll use for your ATDW listing has a maximum word limit of 200 words. Whatever the limit, the formula is simple. If your limit is 100 words, then you have 10 sentences of 10 words; 150 words means 15 sentences etc.
  8. If you still have word count left after promoting your own benefits, mentioning great food and wine experiences or tourism businesses nearby could add another benefit. This information can also improve your customers’ experience in the area.
  9. Do not include the Where, How or Who to contact in your listing description. The database has other places for that information.
  10. NOTE: If you put times, dates, costs, contact details, or hypertext (including URLs) into your description, it will be rejected during Quality Assurance. You’ll need to rewrite it.
  11. Don’t use acronyms or abbreviations in your listing. Most people won’t know what you mean.
  12. Avoid italics, bolds, ampersands (&) and special characters whenever possible. They can detrimentally affect the way your listing appears on some websites.
  13. Write as you talk. Use your personal voice and try to express your personality: “Are you interested in relaxing and unwinding? These beds are so comfortable you’ll want to sleep in. Try the great food and enjoy not having to cook.” Your personal voice adds authenticity to your business and to your listing.
  14. Remember that your ATDW listing is appearing on someone else’s website. Instead of saying ‘our’ or ‘my’ or using phrases like ‘we will’ as you might on your own website, you’ll need to write ‘their’ or simply ‘the’. For example “Swim away any tension in their/the sparkling pool”.
  15. Keep your ATDW listing up to date. Nothing annoys a customer more than discovering outdated information. Remember, your one update goes to all the websites where your listing appears.
  16. Enter events as early as possible so customers can plan ahead and include you in their visit.
  17. Write your description in a word document before you copy and paste it into ATDW-Online. This will help pick up any accidental spelling and grammar mistakes, which means that your listing is likely to be approved faster.
  18. Get a friend (or someone outside the business) to look over the description. Sometimes you can be too close to the project to view it objectively.

Now that you are inspired to update your ATDW listing, go to our ATDW-Online platform. You will need to enter your email address and password or click on the “Forgot your password link” to reset your password for the first time.

Good luck, and watch out for our blog on “How to make your listing stand out with photos!”