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Logan City Council Success

In late 2012, Logan City Council embarked on creating the city’s first destination website – ‘Visit Logan’ (visitlogan.com.au). From early on it was identified by the project team, that they needed to find a solution to populate the website with relevant information for tourists, whilst ensuring the overall management of tourism operator information was not resource intensive.

Through existing connections, it was recommended that the website integrate with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) database, where its quality travel content could be displayed on the Logan City Council’s destination website. “Using the ATDW database would provide the bulk of the content for the website to be displayed as listings and integrated into a Google Maps interface.

Another aspect that had to be taken into account when integrating with ATDW was the design of the website. With the recognised increase in worldwide mobile use, a decision was taken to take a ‘mobile-first’ approach by creating a ‘responsive design’ website (known as RWD); (essentially optimising the website for desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.) This innovative approach placed Logan as one of the pioneers in using this technology. The website became one of the first licenced national ATDW distributors to use responsive design technology.

Once the design and integration were underway with Council’s website vendor and the ATDW technical team, an information session was organised to engage local operators about the benefits of joining ATDW and promoting their business on dozens of distributor websites including Visit Logan.

Logan City Council currently publish 9 ATDW product categories to their destination website including Accommodation, Attractions, Destination Information, Events, Hire, Information Services, Tours and Transport and were also one of the very first distributors to publish Restaurant listings also.

With the design, implementation and integration complete, the Visit Logan website was launched in May 2013 and immediately received positive feedback from industry operators, media and the community.

The ATDW boasts over 80 regional distributors (many of which are City Councils, Local Tourism Associations and Regional Tourism Organisations) that are connected to the National Database and who use ATDW as their primary content and booking solution.

 For more information on how to become a licenced distributor of ATDW please visit www.atdw-online.com.au or email distribution@atdw.com.au