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In 2015, the Ipswich ATDW Project was an innovative joint initiative of Ipswich City Council, Brisbane Marketing, and Tourism and Events Queensland and is a great example of what a City Council, or Tourism Organisation could do to leverage and extend the value of the ATDW and encourage their members to list.

Thorough analysis of its market position, performance, and potential, Ipswich City Council identified ten specific priority actions to increase targeted visitor demand, visitor arrivals, and visitor expenditure for their destination.  Tthe Ipswich Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) Project formed a critical part to achieve the ambitious target of $250 million annual overnight visitor economy which had been set.

As a result, Ipswich set out to facilitate that more of their tourism members achieve online marketing representation and ultimately generate the highest quality and best set of ATDW tourism listings of any region in Australia.

Measurable delivery would include:

  • 110 complete ATDW listings with 52 commercial and 58 non-commercial product listings
  • 550 high resolution product images
  • 110 specially produced product videos
  • 110 purpose written product descriptions

With 110 superior tourism product, service, venue, and event listings representing the Ipswich destination online, the combined visibility, interest, and book-ability for the region would expand markedly.  However the Ipswich City Council understood and accepted that for small to medium business operators, who are often time poor, the process of listing could be time consuming.  As a result, the Ipswich ATDW Project made a cooperative commitment to assist, support and manage the development, delivery, and distribution of a best-practice ATDW listing for a limited number of relevant Ipswich tourism businesses.  Within two weeks, the ATDW Project, assisted 20 new businesses (100% success rate) who signed up with many taking the opportunity to register two or three areas of their business.

In addition, approved Tourism Businesses received a valuable marketing package to ensure a professional ATDW listing.  This included:

  • Professional photography: 4 x high resolution images
  • Professional videography: 15-30 second show reel
  • Professional copywriting: 200 word unique description
  • ATDW membership: 12 months full service

The cost of the marketing package was largely subsidised and only cost tourism businesses $100 – way below its estimated value of $1400.


“The Ipswich ATDW Project shows real leadership and innovation. It utilises our most powerful online tourism platform in the most proactive way seen by any Council in Australia.”  Tourism Australia CEO John O’Sullivan

“Ipswich is a substantially untapped tourism destination but the Ipswich ATDW Project will be the catalyst to boost consumer interest and develop industry growth.” Tourism and Events Queensland CEO, Leanne Coddington

“I commend Ipswich City Council for leading an initiative which will put Ipswich businesses on the country’s largest digital tourism platform generating new levels of interest, economic impact, and jobs.” Queensland Tourism Industry Council CEO Daniel Gschwind