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Exciting Future for the Tourism E Kit

1st July 2015

The highly regarded, multi-award winning Tourism e kit resource, which was developed by the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) and covers the A to Z of online marketing and distribution, is in the process of being transitioned to a new home.

This online training programme, now comprising 70 tutorials, was developed to support, train and raise the professional standards of the tourism industry and to improve their understanding and confidence with online digital technologies. Since 2008, the e kit has proved to be more successful than anyone could have predicted having been downloaded more than 350,000 times from the ATDW website alone!

With the tourism industry being one of the key pillars of the Australian economy, but being 50% less IT savvy than the average Australian business owner, there is an increasing urgency for a new approach to building business capability and growth in the industry.

  • 80% of travellers use the Internet to plan their holiday, but only 40% of Australian tourism operators have optimised their website for search
  • 85% of travellers use smartphones and/or tablets whilst on holiday, however only one in two tourism operators’ website is mobile friendly,
  • 51% of leisure travellers watch online videos to plan a trip, yet only 23% of Australian tourism businesses create online videos!

“The Tourism e kit has done a great job thus far, but it is clear that more needs to be done. We are very proud that the e kit was originally developed by the ATDW and that thousands of tourism operators and industry members across the country have enjoyed access to this valuable resource,” said Mark Williams, Chief Executive Officer of ATDW.

“In 2016, we look forward to sharing with you a new, exciting technology platform which will offer better capability and user friendly functionality to benefit Australian regions and operators. However, in order to allow the ATDW to focus on this project and our core business of content and distribution, a decision about the future of the Tourism e kit has been reached,” continued Williams.

Williams concluded by saying: “We are therefore pleased to announce that on July 1, the Tourism e kit will be transitioned, through an exclusive license for a two year period, with Digital Coaching International (DCI), who will further develop, invest and add value to the e kit through the one of a kind online learning community, TourismTribe.com.”

Tourism Tribe uniquely combines learning resources, tourism experts and digital coaches to make a real and immediate difference to the business capability of the tourism industry and to bridge the chasm between businesses and consumers. The Tourism e kit will be transformed to play a significant role within the new Tourism Tribe platform and its value to tourism operators will be extended massively through the addition of integrated support and expert advice for members of the Tribe.

“We’re extremely excited about launching Tourism Tribe. We’ve been working feverishly for the last four months to build the new platform with a very small and focused team. We truly believe that Tourism Tribe will make a huge difference to tourism operators, destination marketers and digital coaches, by bringing them together in an online community, supported by the quality content of the Tourism e kit and personalised support for members”, said Liz Ward, Managing Director of DCI.

Ward went on to say “We appreciate the trust the ATDW Board has put in DCI to further develop the e kit and the feedback we’ve had so far about the Tribe platform has been really encouraging. Tourism Tribe will provide a vital ongoing learning and support platform for operators and a cost effective, at-scale solution for destinations to build industry capability.”

For further information on the Tourism e kit, go to: www.tourismtribe.com.


About the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse Pty Ltd

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ATDW is the ‘must have’ marketing and distribution partner of the Australian tourism industry, existing to provide the most accessible, high quality, national, Australian tourism product database to:

– Enable our partners and distributors to market a comprehensive range (over 38,000 listings in 10 categories) of consumer relevant Australian tourism products; and

– Provide an opportunity for tourism operators to access cost effective digital distribution to over 150 channels and websites.

The ATDW is collaboratively owned by Tourism Australia and all State and Territory Tourism Organisations in Australia.

About Tourism Tribe

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Tourism Tribe is a new global online learning community, which has been developed by Digital Coaching International (DCI). DCI is responsible for the ongoing development and distribution of the highly successful online learning tool, the Tourism e kit which is being re-launched as a core component of Tourism Tribe.com in July 2015.

DCI is a network of experts who assist business operators through the process of digitising their marketing and business processes by guiding them through a process of evaluation and strategy development and supporting them through solutions implementation. DCI’s specialist areas of expertise are consumer marketing, tourism strategy, travel distribution and productivity improvement.