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ATDW Distributor Triptide, pioneers new concept in online travel

The ATDW is always looking for ways and encouraging innovative digital solutions to support the tourism industry. Triptide’s online portal is one example of using a revolutionary combination of technology and social media to create a multi-dimensional resource for both the travel industry and consumer.

The TripTide concept is based on the premise that the immense, largely untapped resource of insider knowledge held by the local community and tourism suppliers, combined with the experiences and the powerful word-of- mouth from repeat visitors, gives new travellers the very best information on which to draw when both planning and enjoying a holiday. Social media allows users to share real time experiences and narratives supported by unique rich content on the website.

According to Richard, “Social Marketing is fundamental to our marketing effort ! The power of social media in our community building programmes is enormous and enables us to do things in a fraction of the time that it would once have taken.”

Following a trip to Australia, Richard sparked the inspiration behind connecting the local community with the traveller on a web-based portal that could also harness the rapid growth of social media marketing. “Triptide’s main point of difference is that we are providing a uniquely innovative travel service being a community based service that provides a platform of local information to an international audience of travellers,” said Richard.

Richard believes that TripTide could deliver an inspirational service to all its members, to help them in providing local knowledge, services and products to a global audience. TripTide not only provides a one-stop-shop for visitors, but also connects them with the very best source of information – locals – and in doing so is guaranteed to reveal the hidden gems that make a trip to Australia so memorable.”

TripTide Australia,who only recently became an Australian Tourism Data Warehouse’s (ATDW) distributor has reported that their integration with ATDW has already been invaluable to them. “ADTW has enabled us to connect quickly with our potential ‘trade members’ and concentrate on what we do best – which is to sell Australian tours and accommodation – of all sizes- to a global market,” said Peter Richard, MD or Triptide.



Posted by Antoinette Lloyd, ATDW Marketing and Communications Executive,