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In a Media Release posted last week, Ms Mariani agrees that the Australia’s tourism industry has taken a great leap forward in building its digital capacity with more than half of operators engaging online with ‘real time’ information, but she emphasises that greater engagement is urgently needed.

“The initial survey results taken back in 2010 showed only 41% of Australian tourism operators could engage dynamically in the online environment – with real time availability and price checking – and that figure has now gone up to 54%,” Ms Mariani said.

“The increased industry engagement with online commerce in the past two years is a great achievement, but there’s still more work to do. Online capacity for tourism businesses is a vital component in connecting products with the global consumer and is simply an ‘expected’ in the mind of today’s global traveler.

Mariani continues that Australian tourism operators need to be fully enabled and engaged with this technology – without real time availability and capacity to accept payment online, they will fail to successfully connect with today’s consumer.

Finally Ms Mariani makes mention of the ATDW as well as the Tourism e-kit and the new Booking Widget to facilitate and support the digital capacity in the Tourism Industry.

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