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Scale the Great Firewall of China with the new Tourism e-kit

In response to the growing Chinese market a complete new topic was developed titled ‘Online in China’ which includes four new tutorials: An Introduction, Social Media, Search Engines and Developing a Chinese Website.

Complementing the China tutorials are two additional tutorials on ‘Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts’ and ‘Mobile – Website, Mobile Website or Application?’. As well as these great new additions, updates were made to 36 existing tutorials.

The revamped e-kit can be found at tourismekit.

“With over 250,000 downloads, the Tourism e-kit is the Australian tourism industry’s most valuable online ‘how to’ resource for all things digital. Version 9 is set to assist the industry to be even more competitive with the inclusion of new tutorials covering contemporary digital marketing topics. The Online in China tutorials are particularly ground-breaking – no other tourism industry in the world has such up to date, market specific information available to them in this format, and at no cost”, said Liz Ward, CEO of the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse.

With currently more than 500 million Internet users and 92% social media engagement, the Internet has become the most influential medium in China – but the Chinese internet is different! The Online in China topic provides an easy to follow introduction for Australian tourism businesses interested in scaling the “Great Firewall of China” and connecting with millions of potential Chinese visitors.

Meanwhile, consumers in other major markets are increasingly heavy users of Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Foursquare, Instagram – but what’s the difference? No wonder small businesses say they are overwhelmed by the complexity and changing pace of digital marketing opportunities. The Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts tutorial will help any tourism operator through the myriad, outlining many options that can make managing multiple social media accounts easier and more time effective.

You’ve got a website, so you’re set for online, right? With over 700,000 Australians accessing mobile content each day, the answer is no. Australian tourism businesses must be mobile tech savvy. But what does it all mean? The Mobile – Website, Mobile Website or Application? tutorial will guide operators through the differences between a website, mobile sites and applications, supporting them to make the right choices for their business.

With most of the tutorials available via YouTube, it’s easy for time-poor operators to increase their digital knowledge ‘after hours’ via short, sharp video delivery. And if you’re more of a reader, then the tutorials are all available as downloadable, printable pdf’s that can be read in around 20 minutes per tutorial.

“The Tourism e-kit is a fabulous, free resource available to the Australian tourism industry. I’m excited that this new release is just one of many new initiatives available to help the Australian tourism industry in the digital space”, added Ms Ward.

This new release of the Tourism e-kit is an initiative of the Australian and State and Territory Governments through the Tourism 2020 Strategy, to ‘Build Competitive Digital Capability’ in the Australian Tourism Industry.