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AAA Tourism and TXA alliance goes live

Peter Blackwell, CEO of AAA Tourism Ltd said “We’re delighted to launch this important update to the Auto Club websites which now allows us to offer accommodation businesses who advertise with us a greater range of distribution options by utilizing the industry leading open booking exchange technology. This alliance has the opportunity for us to really boost our growing distribution network”.

“AAA Tourism is the provider of accommodation listings and bookings and other travel planning tools and services for all the Australian Auto Clubs. The individual affiliated Auto Club sites are visited by more than 7.1 million Australian club members for travel information and being able to offer the TXA product means we can deliver them the most comprehensive selection of Australian product”.

“AAA Tourism offers an integrated tourism publishing and marketing solution for accommodation and leisure operators, becoming an advertiser with us means their business will appear on the Australian Auto Club’s websites such as NRMA, RAC, RACV, RACT, and RAA. By highlighting their business on all these sites, operators will not only increase their exposure but also encourage more sales through live bookings via TXA”.

Shane Crockett CEO of V3, the joint providers of TXA, in partnership with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse, said, “We are thrilled that this alliance is up and running. AAA Tourism is one of Australia’s key tourism organisations and this launch continues the explosion of opportunities for industry suppliers and distributors delivered by TXA. It further emphasises TXA’s position as a unique and genuinely neutral exchange”.

Liz Ward, CEO of ATDW said “There is no doubt that the launch of AAA Tourism and our Auto Club website’s use of TXA products is a milestone for the Australian tourism industry. We are convinced this new initiative will provide another invaluable, TXA driven contribution to all Australian accommodation suppliers and to the Government tourism organisations utilizing the TXA technology to support their digital marketing initiatives”.