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Industry’s guide to Online Travel Agents

In its eighth edition, Australia’s award winning Tourism e-kit is a vital resource for the tourism industry, extensively covering the fundamentals of online marketing with the latest release focussing on commercial and contemporary topics, like OTAs, the National Broadband Network (NBN) and the Groupon Phenomena.

“It’s critically important that suppliers have their own direct booking capability on their website, but it’s also important for suppliers to consider other distribution channels, like OTAs, as part of their online distribution strategy.” said ATDW’s CEO, Liz Ward.

“The two new tutorials (39A and 39B) about Online Travel Agents explain the differences between OTAs and other online distributors, how to work with them and who the key players are. The information provided helps to dispel some misconceptions and demystify the affiliations between the key companies and their brands.”

“It’s challenging for suppliers to find the knowledge all in the one place about online marketing, the various OTAs and their business models and the Tourism e-kit delivers that in one free, easily accessible resource for the Australian industry” said Liz Ward.

The Tourism e-kit is made up of over 50 tutorials and videos and can be downloaded by the Australian tourism industry free of charge at