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Where will my Listing be Published?

1 Listing = Maximum Exposure

ATDW provides Tourism Operators with a cost effective avenue to increase their digital distribution and online exposure.

By listing a product once in the ATDW database, Tourism Operators benefit from being listed on Australia.com, their State or Territory Tourism Organisation’s (STO) consumer website and through ATDW’s extensive distribution network depending on your target market and geograpical location.

ATDW’s distribution network is made up of a vast and growing number of digital channels (200+) who publish ATDW’s content, including Tourism Australia’s www.Australia.com, a wide range of commercial websites like the popular Australia’s Guide, Regional Tourism Organisations, niche marketers and a growing number of smartphone and tablet applications. A full list of ATDW’s current distributors and details on the content they publish can be found here.

Typical ATDW-Online Dashboard

ATDW Dashboard, typically displays website performance for your listing, such as page views, keyword search and the most popular distributor websites it has appeared on.  Here are some examples (Product name not revealed for privacy reasons.)

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