Zero Latency Free Roam Virtual Reality Gaming Arena in Mascot

Zero Latency : Free Roam Virtual Reality - Sydney

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Mascot, New South Wales

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219 ORiordan Street,
New South Wales

Virtual Reality you can't experience anywhere else. Their technology allows anyone’s body to become the controller and explore any digital world as you would experience in real life. Put on the VR headset, strap into the backpack and pick up the controller. You and your friends are about to be transported into the virtual world. Once in, you're free to move and explore as you please - comfortably and naturally, just like you do in the real world. You're completely untethered. There aren't any wires or walls to get in the way of your virtual-reality adventures. Their experiences range from 30 - 45 minutes. Freedom to explore - Room to move in a space the size of a tennis court. No cables or wires - Move however and wherever you want. Group entertainment - Up to 8 friends play together....

Entry Cost

$49 to $59

Product Types

  • Amusement and Theme Parks


  • COVID Safe

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