Stay the Duck at Home

COVID19 Street Art - "Stay the Duck at Home" mural

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Shepparton, Victoria

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26 Fryer Street,

The mural, titled “Stay the Duck at Home”, is the work of locally renowned artist TANK. It documents the COVID-19 pandemic situation, depicting self-isloating ducks at home, in caravans stacked on top of each other, surrounded by characterful mice; a reminder of the need to stay at home during the COVID-19 restrictions. The mural came to life just one week after TANK conceived this creation in April 2020, quickly gaining relevant approvals and raising the funds required to cover equipment and paint via a crowd funding drive. TANK took requests from contributors / supporters who each have a feature in the mural that they can call their own, including mice hoarding toilet paper, wearing face masks and homeschooling....

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Stay the duck at Home mural - detail
Stay the Duck at Home mural - home schooling mice detail
Stay the Duck at Home mural - duck at the door
Stay the Duck at Home Mural - skywards