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Touring in the Australian Backcountry

Main Range Backcountry

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Jindabyne, New South Wales

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8 Banjo Paterson Crescent,
New South Wales

Main Range Backcountry takes tours into the beautiful NSW snow country beyond the resorts. They offer alpine guided services for skiiers, snowboarders and snowshoers. Whether the allure of the Australian backcountry is calling you, or you plan to experience the side or backcountry overseas, their tours will kickstart your experiences. MRBC guided tours can be whatever you want them to be. If you have the experience and fitness and want to go further, they can take you there. If you want to feel your way into your first backcountry experience with an introduction to equipment, safety, navigation and decision-making while chasing nice lines, they can do that too. They want to ensure their clients gain the knowledge and experience to enter the backcountry safely and with the right equipment, make the right decisions while there, and come home with the desire to do it all again. Their tours can be 1/2 day, single day or multi-day (snowcamping) experiences....

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  • Adventure and Outdoors Tours


  • Backcountry Touring Skills

    Would you like to become more knowledgeable about backcountry skiing? Planning a trip to Japan, Canada, USA or Europe? Ever head out the gates for some slack country fun? This introduction to the backcountry skills in the NSW Main Range is an excellent way for you gain experience and build confidence. Many resort skiers / snowboarders are intimidated by backcountry touring and don’t possess the necessary skills to undertake a backcountry tour in the mountains. This four hour session will help you to gain confidence in your skills as a backcountry skier / snowboarder, and ensure that you are aware of the techniques and tools required to pull off a successful tour in the backcountry. This is an excellent precursor to their Level One Avalanche Course. This tour is of shorter duration and less exertion than the full day tour and a great way to test your fitness levels in preparation for going out to one of the peaks.

  • Main Range Backcountry Ski or Snowboard Tour

    MRBC offers alpine experiences to suit your requirements. Single day backcountry trips: Single day trips are a great option for those that want to have a great day skiing the backcountry terrain, as well as gaining experience with touring equipment and getting some pointers on terrain choice / safety in the backcountry. Multi-day backcountry trips: Multi-day trips are an option if you like the idea of a camping adventure in the snow and want to access more remote terrain.

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