Fremantle Railway Station, Fremantle, Western Australia

Fremantle Railway Station

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Fremantle, Western Australia

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Phillimore Street,
Western Australia

The Fremantle Railway Station is a memorable historical landmark for visitors to the renowned port city of Fremantle. Catch the train from Perth, or just stop in on your walking tour of Fremantle. Wander through the early 20th century building, which closely resembles England’s Cambridge railway station. Initially the station was built to handle the influx of gold miners arriving by ship and heading out to the goldfields. The old building is a charming memorial of the hopeful miners transiting through and boarding the trains in search of their fortunes. Take note of the brick work in the archway which was constructed with local Donnybrook stone. As you walk out into Fremantle examine the façade of the station with the collection of white swans above the main arch. Amidst the small parkland outside sits an unusual drinking fountain that was assembled in honour of two men who died while on a gold expedition. Fremantle boasts the most historical buildings of any town in Western Australia and the 100 year old railway station is a fine example of what is on offer. Fremantle is a 30 minute drive or train ride south of Perth....

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