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Muddies Kiteboarding

Kite Muddies Kiteboarding Lessons

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Old Bar, New South Wales

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Head Office,
Old Bar,
New South Wales

Kite Muddies offers kiteboarding lessons in a saltwater lagoon adjacent to a white sandy beach. The sand bottom lagoon depth ranges from ankle to over head height; perfect for beginner to advanced kiting. This lagoon is one of the best teaching environments on the East Coast. Winds come straight off the ocean to give a consistent power source. Instructors are IKO (International Kiteboarders Organisation) qualified and follow the guidelines very closely when it comes to safety and instruction. They use a tried and tested teaching technique that will have you up and riding much faster than you can imagine. Muddies use the latest, most advanced equipment, kites with 100 per cent depower capability, comfortable modern harnesses and a variety of board sizes. The Headzone Helmets are an amazing benefit to kite students. The instructor can communicate with you from anywhere on the beach giving valuable feedback when you need it....

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  • Level One, Two and Three Lessons

    Muddies Kiteboarding

    Level One - 2.5 hours Includes kite piloting, safe set up, location awareness, safety systems, self-launching/landing, power/depowering kite, water body dragging and board recovery. Level Two - 2.5 hours Includes advanced kite control, powered body dragging, water starts with board, stopping, rider etiquette, self-rescue. Level three - 2.5 hours Includes Level Two skills confidence work, controlled turning, riding upwind, jibe turning, controlled jumps, wave riding and surf control. Requirements: You must be able to swim and have a sense of adventure. The minimum age is 12. Please visit the Muddies web site or call for full rate details.

    Activities you can engage in

  • Level One Kiteboarding Lesson

    Muddies Kiteboarding

    2.5 hours lesson. Be instructed in kite piloting, safe set up, location awareness, safety systems, self-launching and landing, power and depowering kite, water body dragging and board recovery, and self-rescue. Lessons by appointment only.

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